About Me

Deborah ChristyI spent many years in the technology field as a writer. I contributed to dozens of college textbooks and co-wrote two books on Microsoft Office products. I later became a technical writer (you can still see some of my articles on helium.com). I worked for a prominent corporation writing policies, procedures, and job descriptions in accordance to the new SEC laws.

Although I love writing, I wanted to do more-something that made a difference in the world. I got a realtor’s license in 2006, thinking I could help people make the most important decisions in their life. I had no idea that we were at the beginning of a recession and home sales were about to plummet.

I took some time and completed the manuscript I had been working on and wrote some reality show ideas that would help others. Nothing was working and I felt at a loss–what was I supposed to do now?

I decided to go back to what I knew and started tech writing again and also offered computer repair and tutoring. With the recession well begun, work was scarce and I was getting worried.

In 2008, my boyfriend at the time paid for me to have a month of business coaching, since I had no idea where to turn or what to do. Nothing clicked with the business coaching for me, because at the time I didn’t realize I was chasing the wrong career.

What I did realize, however, was that coaching is what I do for friends and family when they are having issues. In fact, I was told many times that I should become a counselor because I was so good at it. As I reflected on that I began to see that coaching was a way to help others, as I always wanted to do.

I took a coaching course through Fowler-Wainwright and got my CPC (Certified Professional Coach) certification and never looked back to that old life. I finally felt I was in the right place at the right time, doing what I was meant to do.

I lovingly share my gift with you.

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