“Deborah saved our marriage. We were barely speaking when we saw her for the first time. Within two weeks Deborah not only had us talking, but we actually understand each other better. We appreciate her insights and the fact that she never took anyone’s side.”
Reese and Bob

“Deborah showed me how to love and respect myself. She has helped me change my life by through positive thinking. She appreciates me.”
Michele A.

“Deborah showed me I am not my past!”

“My experience with Deborah has been that of a genuine desire to help others. When I speak to her, I get the impression she is completely present and aware of the conversation being held. I find this ability to be present in each moment to be in short supply; including within myself.”

“When I speak to Deborah about a concern or a limiting belief, I have found her understanding of the importance of acceptance and self love to be essential in achieving the answers and self awareness I desire.”
Karen O.

“Deborah has helped me see how I’ve been sabotaging my dreams. She helped me open my eyes, see my true desires, and have a clear vision. Deborah helped me see my true beauty and how to be kind to myself.”

“Deborah has taught me to have self-worth, be kind to myself, and to love myself. My life is very different today then it would have been if I had kept on the same path I was on.”

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